Fall Activities

Family Friendly Fall Activities

Hey Friends! The fall is an amazing time of year, with the cooler weather, the beautiful leaves changing colors, and the smells of pumpkin and apple cider! We could go on and on! Every time the fall season comes around, we look forward to decorating our front porch and throughout our home with pumpkins and […] Read more…

increase blog traffic today with pinterest and tailwind

How to Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest and Tailwind

Hey Friends! Have you been struggling with increasing traffic to your blog or getting your pins seen on Pinterest? We used to struggle with the same issues until we learned more about Pinterest and Tailwind. We always heard using Pinterest was a great way to increase traffic to a blog. However, we did not know […] Read more…

How to Start a Blog 1

How to Start a Blog

Hi friends! Are you thinking about starting a WordPress blog but unsure on where to start? Well today we have an easy to follow guide to help you get started by using Bluehost! Why start a blog? Although there are a variety of reasons as to why one would want to start a blog, below […] Read more…

Morning Barn Chore Routine

Morning Barn Chores

Hey Friends! Morning is our favorite time at the barn. As soon as we arrive, the horses stick their heads out of their stalls to greet us, as we open the doors to let the sun shine through. Each morning, we follow a set routine of our barn chores. This routine seems to work well […] Read more…

Why We Use Bluehost for Web Hosting

Top Reasons Why We Use Bluehost for Web Hosting

Hey Friends, Selecting a web host is essential if for a website to be viewed on the internet. When we first started blogging, we spent a lot of time learning the difference between web hosting and domains and did a lot of research to find the one that was best for us. Web hosting is […] Read more…

7 reasons to use ConvertKit for Email Marketing

7 Reasons to Use ConvertKit for Email Marketing

Hey Friends, As we started learning more about monetizing our blog, we learned that it would be beneficial to offer a weekly newsletter through email marketing. Through email marketing, we are able to grow our email list and build a community within our blog. By having an email list, we are able to share new […] Read more…

5 Money Saving Tips for 2018

5 Money Saving Tips for 2018 – February Edition

Hey Friends, Wow! We cannot believe it is already the middle of February. We hope you enjoyed our January Money Saving Edition blog post. We would love to hear your thoughts on our strategies and how they have worked for you. For easy reference or if you want to reread our 5 Money Saving Tips […] Read more…

self-care barn and questions to consider

Self-Care Barn & Questions to Consider

Hey Friends! Are you considering boarding your horse at a self-care barn? Self-Care Barn Choosing a self-care barn can be very rewarding for you and your horse. It is much different from a full-care boarding facility. Both have their pros and cons. But it is up to you to determine what is the best fit […] Read more…

5 Easy Money Saving Tips - January Edition

5 Easy Ways to Start Saving Money in 2018 – January Edition

Hey Friends, Happy New Year! One of our New Year resolutions is to start saving more money. So together, we have put together a list of five easy ways to helped us to start saving. Coupons Mobile Apps Check to see if your favorite stores have mobile apps that offer coupons and additional deals. We […] Read more…

wordpress menu item tutorial

WordPress Menu Item Tutorial…In 7 Easy Steps!

Hey Friends! Starting a blog has been a lot of fun for us and a great learning experience. We didn’t have much knowledge of the technical side of things until we started on this journey. It may be challenging but through these challenges, we have been able to learn so much about the blogging world! […] Read more…

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