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The evenings are really exciting and busy at the barn. Our horses are ready to come in to the barn during the evening time, typically before the sun sets. When we pull into the barn, we see them eagerly waiting for us at the gate. 6 must-have barn chores for each evening

6 Must-Have Barn Chores for Each Evening

We like to try and stick to the same schedule for feeding, turnout and bringing back in. Our horses seem very happy and healthy with this schedule. On days that it is either storming or too cold, we vary from this schedule. However, as a general rule, we bring our horses in about 5:00 PM every evening. This time frame works best for us and our horses.

Clean Stalls

When we arrive to the barn, the first thing we do is clean our stalls and lay down fresh bedding. We use Premium Pine Fine Shavings by Tractor Supply Company. There are many benefits to cleaning out our stalls each day and laying down fresh, clean bedding. To learn more about our favorite bedding that we use, check out our latest article here.

Fresh Water

Next, we wash out all water buckets and put in fresh water. It is important that you make sure your horse has plenty of water to help sustain their good health and regulate their body temperature, so please make sure that all water buckets are full.

Measure & Distribute Grain

Once the water buckets have been cleaned and refilled with water, we then measure and distribute our pelleted grain. There are many types of grain and feed on the market and I recommend that once you find the right grain for your horse, stay with that brand to help cut down the risk of colic. Also, our horses get different amounts of grain depending on their body weight and size. It would be best to check with your local Veterinarian on the proper feeding amount.

Lay Out Hay

Our fourth chore is to lay out hay for our horses. Each bale of hay is usually cut differently. Therefore, the amount of hay we give varies slightly but on a rule of thumb we give each 3 to 4 flakes for dinner. If you are unsure on the proper amount to feed your horses, please speak with a local Veterinarian on the proper feeding amount as well. horse in barn, horse barn, horse stall

Bring Horses In

Once we have completed those chores, our horses are then ready to come in for dinner. We bring one horse in at a time, which also allows us time to look over each horse to make sure they have no cuts or scrapes, along with no limping. We also check and clean their hooves for debris or small rocks. If our horses are wet or muddy, we make sure we wipe and brush them down right away. This also allows bonding time with our horses. horse in stall, horse in barn, horse barn Lastly, we then sweep the barn and make sure everything is clean for the next day. Don’t forget to give each horse a little love on your way out. Keep trottin’ to your dreams. Happy Trails! Lori & Stacey Disclaimer for My Horse Barn All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information and entertainment purposes only. does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website (, is strictly at your own risk. will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our website. To read the full declaimer, please view it here or by clicking on the Privacy Policy / Terms of Use tab.
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