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Ever wonder how one can make money from blogging?

We asked that same question when we first started blogging and we were amazed at how many different ways we could generate an income. We realized we wanted to create a full-time career with our blog, but to do so, we needed to do our research to learn what was the best for us and our blog. To learn more about why we started our blog, check it out here. For starters, we found that it would a good idea to have multiple streams of revenue through our blog by diversifying our income. Keep reading to learn four common ways one could make money blogging. 4 ways to make money blogging

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way to generate income from a blog. If you already are sharing your opinion on products you love, why not get paid for it? By joining an affiliate marketing program with a company you love and trust, you can earn a commission on the products you discuss by linking it back to the company’s website and earn a commission from purchases made through readers clicking on the link you provide.

Create & Sell Products or Services

Another way to generate income is by creating and selling a product you create. For example, digital products seem to be popular, such as e-books, workbooks, or PDF printables. We’ve also seen bloggers create their own e-courses and sell those online as well. We have also seen bloggers create and sell a physical product such as a paperback book, clothing, etc., which is another way to generate income.


A third way one can make money blogging is by placing advertisements and banners on a blog. We try to make the advertisements relevant to our readers and the content that our blog provides.

Sponsored Posts

Some company’s offer payment in exchange for writing a post about one of their products.

Tips for Writing Content

Building trust with our readers is very important. Therefore, if you are going to share products or services, share ones that you highly trust and truly would recommend to your friends. When creating content, have fun, let your personality shine through, and provide information that will assist your audience in solving a problem and that will provide value for your readers. Keep trottin’ to your dreams. Happy Trails! Lori & Stacey Disclaimer for My Horse Barn All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information and entertainment purposes only. does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website (, is strictly at your own risk. will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of our website.
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