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Hey Friends,

Happy New Year! One of our New Year resolutions is to start saving more money. So together, we have put together a list of five easy ways to helped us to start saving.

5 Easy Money Saving Tips - January Edition


Mobile Apps

Check to see if your favorite stores have mobile apps that offer coupons and additional deals. We use a mobile app for when we go grocery shopping and clothing shopping. We digitally clip coupons based on our shopping list needs. By doing this each week, we get to save money and also get even more coupons for future use.

Paper Coupons

at that particular store. This was especially helpful around the holidays. We strategized and based our shopping days on when the coupons were available. We had a lot of fun as well!

Look for Sales

We are strategic shoppers when shopping for clothes. We have a rule, if it is not on sale, we typically don’t buy it.

Budget, Budget, Budget

We create a weekly and monthly budget by writing out our income and expenses. Based on what we have left over after our bills are paid, we then budget for additional expenses, such as food, gas, clothes, and entertainment.


After our expenses are budgeted, we then take a portion of what is left over and place it into a saving account.

You never know when that money might come in handy. Even if we only have a small amount after all expenses are paid, we still put something in the savings because over time, it will add up.

Pack a Lunch

As a way to save even more money, we like to pre-pack a lunch and bring it to work. Not only do we save money by bringing a lunch from home, it’s healthier too.

These are our five money saving strategies that we currently use. We hope you have found this to be helpful. Please remember to always speak with a trusted financial expert before making any financial decisions.

What are some of your current favorite money saving strategies? Please share!

Keep Trottin’ to Your Dreams!

Happy Trails,

Stacey and Lori

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