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Welcome! We are so happy that you stopped by to visit us. We hope that you will find our equestrian journey helpful and enjoyable.

Mission & Vision

Stacey and Lori are a mother-daughter duo who teamed up to create My Horse Barn, in 2017, as way to connect horse lovers, and those who are embarking on a new journey as horse owners. With years of experience in owning horses, we created this blog with you in mind. By building a community of horse owners, our goal is to share knowledge, tips, and product reviews.

Meet the Team

Together, our family own four Quarter Horses & one Quarter Pony. We began our horse journey in November of 2011 and it has been the greatest experience. We have created many wonderful memories along the way, while taking care of horses, attending horse shows, and clinics. We hope that you will ride along with us on our journey, so we can all create a community for those who share a love for horses.

Building a Community

With a passion for writing and a love for horses, together we make the perfect team that we hope will inspire others. Our hope is to build a community for those with appreciation for horses, while sharing our blogging journey with you!

Keep Trotting to Your Dreams!

Happy Trails,

Lori & Stacey

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